Recommended by:
CAA Manitoba
Insurance Bureau of Canada

Approved by:
Transport Canada
Meets Transportation Canada Standard CMVSS114

Complies with:
Registrar of Imported Vehicles
Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles' requirements on electronic immobilization, ULC-S338.

Mastergard M6000 Vehicle Immobilizer.

The Ultimate Vehicle*
Anti-Theft System

*(includes cars, light, medium, and heavy duty trucks,
SUV's, RV's, and construction equipment)

Over 500,000 units sold
and not one reported
successful theft!**

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Vehicle theft is the costliest crime in the world today and impacts more citizens than any other offense encountered by law enforcement. Even if a vehicle owner has not become a direct victim of theft, everyone pays for the crime through rising insurance premiums and taxes. Worldwide monetary losses due to vehicle crimes are in the billions and rising. In addition, vehicle theft often serves as a "gateway" to other crimes.
Source: International Association of Auto Theft Investigators

Protect your investment and install a Mastergard Immobilizer today!

Mastergard was the first fully automatic immobilizer to be tested and approved and is still one of the only vehicle security solutions that meet the new Canadian Auto Theft Deterrent Standard.
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The Mastergard Immobilizer will work with all makes and models
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The Mastergard Immobilizer will work with all semi truck and heavy duty equipment makes and models
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